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Gambler admits scamming 80 women through online dating pitches

CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) _ An Atlantic City gambler admitted scamming more than 80 women through telephone and online dating services.

Patrick M. Giblin, 41, pleaded guilty Friday to 10 counts of wire fraud in U.S. District Court in Camden.

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According to the indictment, Giblin created numerous accounts with online dating services in different parts of the country, allowing him to correspond with women in those areas.

In a court appearance before Judge Robert B. Kugler, Giblin admitted he falsely told the women he was interested in beginning a romantic relationship, telling them he was about to relocate to their geographic area.

Giblin then said he needed money for travel expenses, and promised to repay the loans as soon as he got there.

He admitted spending the money at casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, as well as for personal expenses.

The amount of money he obtained from the women was not immediately available.

Giblin has remained in federal custody without bail since his arrest on March 3, 2005.

Each wire fraud count carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000. Sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 18.

City lovelorn are tops for online dating

GLASGOW is the number one city in the UK for online dating, according to a new poll.
Almost three quarters of Glasgow men responding to a survey by an internet dating company admitted to having a fling with someone they met online. More than half of the women said the same.
The figures are well above the national average for both sexes - men at 63% and women at 40%.
Glasgow also came top for people finding longer-lasting romance thanks to the internet.
Around 68% of men and 71% of women said they had had at least one serious relationship after meeting someone online.
Edinburgh also rated highly, with 51% of men and 68% admitting the same thing.
In Leeds just 44% of men and 48% have been successful.
The poll of 1600 adults, conducted by found that 77% of Glasgow men and 33% of women feel most comfortable meeting a new person for a relationship on the internet rather than the workplace or the pub.
Sophy Silver, of, said: "The figures show what we've suspected all along - the internet is the simplest and most reliable way to find a new partner - and everybody's at it.
"People are using it to find and search for partners knowing that they'll be someone in their local area who'll be looking for the same thing whether it's for long walks and a cuddle to blindfolds and feather dusters at the other extreme."
Relate, the relationship counsellors, has confirmed the internet is increasingly the way people are looking for a partner. A spokeswoman said: "The stigma from dating agencies seems to have gone.
"Doing it online allows people quite a lot of privacy as well, because they can do a bit of quiet research and look around in their own home.
"You don't have to meet a middleman or go to an actual dating agency office, which takes a lot of courage."

Publication date 10/05/06
GLASGOW is the number one city in the UK for online dating, according to a new poll.
Almost three quarters of Glasgow men responding to a survey by an internet dating company admitted to having a fling with someone they met online. More than half of the women said the same.
The figures are well above the national average for both sexes - men at 63% and women at 40%.
Glasgow also came top for people finding longer-lasting romance thanks to the internet.
Around 68% of men and 71% of women said they had had at least one serious relationship after meeting someone online.
Edinburgh also rated highly, with 51% of men and 68% admitting the same thing.
In Leeds just 44% of men and 48% have been successful.
The poll of 1600 adults, conducted by found that 77% of Glasgow men and 33% of women feel most comfortable meeting a new person for a relationship on the internet rather than the workplace or the pub.
Sophy Silver, of, said: "The figures show what we've suspected all along - the internet is the simplest and most reliable way to find a new partner - and everybody's at it.

The REAL SECRET to Online Dating

Stacée L. Hardiman, M.A.
May 8, 2006

The Real Secret to Online Dating is that there is NO Secret to Online Dating.

Online Dating is simply a New approach to an Old tradition. There are no magic or secret potions that make a date work. While there may not be a little black bag full of tricks, there are some dating tips that could lead to a treat or two!

Whether you're looking for the perfect person, a quick soirée in the online dating world, or a friend with benefits, you don't have to apologize for actively looking for the absolutely best partner for you. Wanting a partner is not a character flaw. It is part of nature's design for interested, single adults to search for suitable partners.

The success of a date depends a lot on your nature.

For example, you log on to your online dating account to check your messages, only to find out that you have received 10 smooches, flirts, kisses (every site is different).

Your Responses

Option A: Delete with NO REPLY or review of the sender's profiles.

Option B: Respond to each with “If you want to chat send me a message, I don’t like “flirts.”

Option C: Review the profile; respond with a message or a courteous “flirt.”

For those of who chose Option A or B - Stop looking for love on the first date. It doesn't work that way. Take it instead as an opportunity to find out more about the other person. For those who chose Option C – You project yourself as a unique person – separate from the pack.

Online dating provides you with a buffet of “Introduction” appetizers; it’s not the ceremonial dinner. An exchange of personal information, at a gradually deepening level of intimacy, and the sharing of some sort of delight are critical elements of the process.

The First Date

Now, let’s talk dating. For those who make it pass the elimination stage and on to the dating phase, let’s keep it simple. Try not to be a phony on your first date. Both men and women have a built-in radar to detect phony a mile away. Date deception may work on the first date but if you are interested in prolonging the relationship it becomes harder to enact a charade.

This is not the time to admit to all your vulnerabilities and insecurities, or to share your family horror stories. Rather, talk about things that showcase your sweet and sparkling personality. If you have a positive vibe, your date will respond in kind.

The emphasis on form over substance in dating is one of the reasons this important social interaction seem like a shallow, trivial game that only rich and famous people can play, instead of the useful and sometimes profound social opportunity it should be. Honest to goodness relating is key to mating.

Bonus Info: Women, don't wear anything low cut or short. It sounds like an old cliché but your first date knows very little about the woman you are. He will take you at face value and you don't want to give the wrong impression.

Men, be specific about where you are going. This will make the date more comfortable, and will prevent her from wearing a cocktail dress when you are taking her bowling.

Caught Cheating?

We often receive questions about how to deal with someone “cheating” or dating several people at the same time.

Dating Is Not Monogamy. Dating is something you do before making binding choices or exclusive commitments. Dating does not imply exclusivity but you are treading in muggy waters--flaunting extracurricular activities is definitely unacceptable. Dating is largely about creating and managing choices. You and the other single adults are allowed to date all you want, and as many people as you want, until that mutually binding, exclusive commitment is made.

Please note that mutuality is required for a commitment. “In My Mind, I’ll Always Be His Lady” (Heather Headley). – It’s best to be in both parties mind, otherwise, stalking laws do apply.

Have Fun!

It's just a date. All you're really doing is hanging out for a few hours with a new acquaintance. Lighten up and enjoy the time.

Be a good listener. The purpose of this strategy is twofold. No one likes a conversation hog. Everyone wants the opportunity to shine by telling his/her stories. Plus, allowing the other person to talk gives you the chance to discern what makes him/her tick. If she/he talks about how all of his ex-partners are bitter, selfish, unbearable, imagine the other side of the story.

If she/he admits to not being the “marrying kind,” that's valuable information to have early on as well. (No, you won't change him/her!). If she/he complains about how the ex- won't buy her/him things, it speaks volumes too!

Dating is for social exploration, opening up to new alternatives, not shutting them down as fast as possible in order to avoid our peculiar postmodern affliction. Aim to form relationships on solid fundamentals where both partners invest the equivalent amount of love and attachment to improve it over the time from initial yearn into real love.

Stacée L. Hardiman is a Family Therapist, Relationship Expert, and Co-Founder of Ms. Hardiman has helped people build self-confidence, increase motivation, and communicate more effectively.

copyright 2006, all rights reserved.

Ukrainian Jewish Online Dating Helps Small, Scattered Community

KIEV, Ukraine - A few months ago, Natalia Loshakova did not believe in online dating.

After all, the Jewish Dnepropetrovsk native has many friends, and is "not desperate," she says.

It still feels awkward, says Loshakova, 22, to check her e-mail first thing in the morning, and she's not used to looking forward to the phone calls she gets from the man she met on, a new Dnepropetrovsk-based Web site for Jewish singles.

"I can't believe it, we haven't met but I like him so much already," Loshakova confesses. For about a month, the two communicated online, then switched to phone calls. Now they plan to meet in person.

The two-month-old Web site is for Jewish singles in Ukraine. It was created to solve a specific problem: In a country where the Jewish community is relatively small, with a major population center in Kiev but small, scattered communities elsewhere, young Jews say it's difficult to find Jewish partners.

Unlike similar dating services in the United States, this one has a clear goal: marriage and Jewish children. There's another difference as well: This one accepts only halachic Jews, those who have a Jewish mother or who have converted under Orthodox auspices.

The idea was hatched last winter by Udi Ben-Ami, Israel's consul general in Dnepropetrovsk, and local Chabad rabbi, Shmuel Kaminetski.

"It has always disturbed me to see how many single Jews in Ukraine can't find someone to marry," Ben-Ami says, adding that he's met many Ukrainian Jews in their 30s "who never got married, because they couldn't find a Jewish spouse."

Potential clients are required to meet with an approved rabbi and produce evidence that they are Jewish.

"We are worried about losing our people, and so we try to help them build pure Jewish families," Kaminetski says.

He says this requirement also makes it easier for users, who do not have to ask about their prospective partner's Jewish status before engaging in conversation.

One of the site's other goals is to bring young people from intermarried families back to Judaism. Kaminetski says that he won't reject applicants who show a "genuine desire to find a Jewish partner and convert. We encourage everybody with Jewish roots to start the conversion process, and we want half-Jews to come back" to the faith.

Currently the site features profiles of some 100 users. About 1,000 more are on the waiting list to get passwords, according to the site's administrator, Lisa Goldenberg.

Most of the users are 20 to 40 years old, with a slight majority of men, Goldenberg says. There are some users from Russia, Israel and Germany "who seek Jewish partners from Ukraine," she says, and although they are still few in number, the site hopes to encourage more foreign Jews to register. The site currently operates only in Russian.

"We have only opened recently, so we don't really have any couples or marriages yet," she says. "But I see that people are writing to each other and I've been getting positive responses already."

In addition to contacting each other through e-mail, users can IM each other privately. They are encouraged to put up their photographs, says Goldenberg, but in keeping with the site's traditional approach, men and women are only able to view pictures of the opposite sex.

"We think it's understandable. Jewish Orthodox tradition does not accept same-sex relationships," she explains.

There's also a certain censorship process. "We don't put up photos that are too revealing, such as those that show a person in a swimming suit," Goldenberg says.

And the site does not operate on Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

Although the site's founders say their Web site is being advertised in Jewish communities and publications around Ukraine, Hillel members in Kiev were surprised to hear that it even exists.

"I suspect they may just be careful about Hillel, because we welcome people who are both halachic and non-halachic, as well as non-Jews," says Osik Axelrud, Kiev Hillel's longtime director.

That does not mean that Hillel members are not concerned about finding Jewish partners. Quite the contrary, they say.

"I did not think of the national identity of my future husband much before I got into Hillel, but now it seems natural that my life partner should be Jewish," says Alexandra Oleynikova, 19, who has been active in Kiev Hillel for three years.

Hillel, she says, should ideally be a great place to meet a Jewish girlfriend or boyfriend, and many people join the organization with such hopes. But, she jokes, "girls get disappointed very quickly, because, unfortunately, boys count for only 30 percent of Kiev Hillel."

Axelrud points to 11 marriages within Kiev Hillel in its 10 years of existence, "and we'll probably have a couple more soon."

Axelrud also says that the young men in the group are more concerned than the women with finding a Jewish spouse.

Taras Tverdokhlib, 22, is one of them. He grew up in an intermarried family - his father is Ukrainian - and was never pressured to go out with girlfriends of a particular ethnicity.

"I dated non-Jewish girls in high school, but since I started going to synagogue two years ago, all of my girlfriends have been Jewish," he says. "I've decided for myself that I need a Jewish girl."

Tverdokhlib likes the new Web site, and approves of its strict acceptance rules, saying there are so many dating sites already that this one "would not be needed" if it didn't have this specific goal.

But Oleynikova doubts the project will succeed. She says having to show proof of a Jewish mother will scare off many users.

"I want to meet somebody, and they make me show my documents?" she says. "It seems a bit weird."
Source Launches New Handwriting Compatibility Product for Online Dating Sites

PRWEB) May 10, 2006 -- Online dating sites have a new tool to drive more users to their sites and increase conversions. A new twist on personality and compatibility profiling, handwriting analysis software is now available from for integration into dating site offerings.

“Everyone’s handwriting represents a unique brainprint of that individual and provides key personality insights about themselves or others in their lives,” says National Society For Graphology-certified handwriting expert Michael Kahlowsky and founder of (

The Handwriting Profiles software can be quickly integrated into an online personals web site to enable its users to take an "online handwriting test". Users simply click the button beneath whichever aspect most matches their handwriting. For example, does their writing slant to the left, right, or not at all? The user simply clicks the button that best matches their handwriting style. The results are calculated through the software code using a proprietary algorithm developed by to determine each person's unique personality traits. This profile can be compared to other profiles and scored for compatibility.

The "Invitee Link" software feature is a powerful viral marketing feature where users can invite others to see how compatible they are with one another through the handwriting test. This powerful new feature provides the online dating site with a unique, brandable tool to reach out to their non-paying membership base and generate word-of-mouth buzz.

"Customer acquisition costs are high and rising higher in the online dating industry. Companies are looking for novel ways to lower the costs, lengthen user membership and improve conversions. The solution offered by is a great component for innovative online singles companies to add to their offerings." said Mark Brooks, online dating industry veteran, consultant and editor of, the leading industry news web site.

Through the science of handwriting analysis, the underlying compatibility and personality traits of a potential partner are revealed and explained to help users better understand similarities and differences and improve their chances of having a more successful and fulfilling relationship.

About is a leading handwriting analysis company, providing comprehensive personality, compatibility, business, and vocational guidance assessments to individuals, couples, corporations, executive recruiters, colleges and universities worldwide.

Michael S. Kahlowsky is founder and chief executive officer of Kahlowsky is a Certified Handwriting Expert by the National Society of Graphology in New York City, and has been studying handwriting analysis for more than a decade. Kahlowsky has an extensive background in handwriting analysis relating to personality and relationship compatibility, where he has helped both individuals and couples gain insight into their own characteristics and traits and those of their current and potential mates.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Woman wary of more than Web

KADOKA -- When Shelly O'Bryan of Kadoka met a man on the dating Web site, he seemed too good to be true.

"He said he loved me right away," O'Bryan said. "He was really sweet. The perfect man."

O'Bryan, 44, began communicating with the man in early March. He said his name was Kris, he was 40 and was a civil engineer who lived in New Jersey.

O'Bryan said the conversations were interesting, and it seemed they had a few things in common. The two exchanged photos and spoke on the phone.

Not long into the relationship, Kris started asking for money.

"He'd always bring it up, and I'd always say I couldn't help," O'Bryan said.

After a few conversations through instant messaging and e-mail, Kris told O'Bryan he had accepted a job offer and was moving to Africa.

"He wanted me to come with him," she said. "He said he wanted to get married."

That was in late April.

"I told him it was way too soon," O'Bryan said.

She said Kris then started asking for money to install Internet at his home in Africa and for medical expenses.

"He knew I was on disability and couldn't afford it," she said. She had also told Kris the limit on her credit card.

Eventually Kris asked O'Bryan for her checking-account number. He said he wanted to transfer money into her account for travel expenses so she could visit him in Africa.

"That was a red flag," she said. "So I contacted the bank."

She said a bank employee told her it was safe to give the number to Kris. She did.

A few days later, still suspicious, she contacted the bank again. This time, she said an employee said it was not safe to give out the checking account number but told O'Bryan not to bother closing the account.

Finally, a week after she gave Kris the number, O'Bryan talked to a bank manager who told her to close the account immediately. No money had been withdrawn.

In the meantime, Kris sent O'Bryan three money orders for travel expenses. All turned out to be phony and were turned over to the U.S. Postal Service.

O'Bryan said she reported Kris to local police and the FBI, but they told her there was not much they could do because he had not actually stolen money.

Sgt. Marty Graves of the Pennington County Sheriff's Office said his office and the Rapid City Police Department have not had many reports of people being scammed in online-dating services, but they deal with various Internet scams daily.

"There are people out there waiting to victimize people over the Internet any way they can," Graves said.

He said giving out personal information, especially checking account or credit card numbers, can be dangerous.

"As a law enforcement officer, all I can say is that unless you know someone personally, never give out personal information over the Internet," he said.

Graves said it is nearly impossible for authorities to handle scams involving other countries.

"Be especially cautious if you're dealing with anyone outside the U.S," he said.

Graves said people who think they have been victimized by any kind of scam should contact their local law enforcement agency. That agency will either handle the case or forward the information to the appropriate agency for dealing with the particulars of that case.

"You never know who you're dealing with out there," he said. "When you give out that kind of information, you are opening the door to let people into your personal life."

O'Bryan said she wanted to share her story to make sure other people are not scammed by people they meet through online dating sites.

"If it seems too good to be true, it probably is," she said. "If they bring up money right away, it is probably a scam."

She said Kris tried to manipulate her, and she thinks there are other people out there who might do the same.

"They will pretend they love you," she said. "And make you feel really good for a while."

Sara Rabern, public information officer for the South Dakota Attorney General's Office, said the office does not get many reports from people scammed on online dating sites.

"It may be something we see more of as time goes on," Rabern said.

O'Bryan said she will continue communicating with Kris unless he talks about money.

"If he brings up money again, I won't speak to him," she said.

She said she is also upset about being misled by her bank and plans to switch banks.

O'Bryan said she will continue to use to cultivate relationships but will use more caution.

"It's still a good place to meet people," she said. "You just need to watch for red flags and pay attention when you see them."

Said she has learned to be more careful about how much information she gives out.

How to protect yourself against "cyberstalkers"

Q: I have been hearing about the increasing number of "cyberstalkers" who prowl the Web. As an avid user of networking sites such as MySpace and several Internet dating sites, how can I protect myself from being stalked or harassed?

— L.S., Los Angeles, Calif.
A: "Cyberstalking" is characterized by a stalker relentlessly pursuing his or her victim online. The perpetrator is likely to try to meet with and harass the victim in person as well.

Cyberstalking is on the rise. Today, most states — including Washington — have laws addressing the problem. Washington's law, passed in 2004, defines cyberstalking and classifies it as either a gross misdemeanor or felony, depending on the circumstances. President Bush also recently signed new federal legislation against cyberstalking.

Follow these steps to maintain your privacy as you communicate online:

• Use services with background checks. Some new dating sites perform background checks on everyone who uses them. For example, the dating site says it will conduct a check on anyone seeking to make a connection, and claims it will prosecute anyone who misrepresents themselves on the site.

• Conduct your own background checks. If the site does not provide this service, try to learn more about someone by checking public records, such as marriage certificates, felony convictions, real-estate documents and so forth. If you are really concerned, don't continue the online relationship.

• Don't reveal your real name or other personal information in your posting. Instead, select a username, which is a unique word or phrase that may describe your personality or what you're looking for in a match. Your username should not correspond in any way to your e-mail address.

• Protect your personal information. Be cautious about revealing it until you are comfortable with the person you are e-mailing.

• Communicate carefully. When you are ready to communicate outside the security of the online-dating service, continue to be cautious. Use your cellphone to make the call, or, if you make the call from a landline, sign up with your phone company for call blocking beforehand so your number won't appear.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Internet Users Currently Spend More on Online Dating Than Music

In 2003, online dating sites created $450 million in revenues, according to a May 2004 Online Publishers Association report, up 49 percent over 2002.
Are you surfing the internet for a life partner, romance and friendship? If yes then think atleast a hundred times. Don’t be conventional, instead be contemporary while using the most favourite online systems – a common phenomenon these days which is helping billions of people across the world to date, romance and find partners.

That’s more money than people spent on online music and video sites or online adult entertainment, says Jupiter Research. Jupiter, an online journal, predicts online dating will top $640 million in 2008. So it’s also becoming a new industry: Industry of info-tech marriages and romance.

In this info-tech arena, old way of communication has been changed and so is the case with love, romance and dating as well., one of the most popular Asian American cyber meeting places, polled 21,489 of its 1,324,000 members and found only nine percent had successfully dated another member. In result, online dates end in disappointment, despite or because of the expectation of love, romance, or sex.

In Pakistan this trend is also developing very fast with young boys and girls enthusiasts exploiting the new technology for flirtation and other purposes. Mainly the male class is engaged in flirting foreign girls and is using them as a bridge to go abroad. Many of them have remained successful.

Besides some negative cases have also been reported like murders and kidnapping of young boys and girls. In Rawalpindi, a group of four members headed by a girl reportedly trapped young boys on internet via chat and asked for meeting. As a the case is, the girl invites boys for date and when the prey is trapped her accomplices start demanding money and other gains from the boy, threatening to lodge a police case against him. Resultantly, the boy is with no other choice but to bow before their demands to the extent he could be.

According to a new study of online dating, when a couple who had built up a significant relationship by e-mailing or chatting online met for the first time; 94 per cent of them went on to see each other again. Men were more emotionally dependent on their ‘e-partners’ than women, and more committed to the relationship. The number of users of Internet dating agencies have steadily increased: around six million.

Old-fashioned romance is nearing death. Surveys show that exchanging gifts was the best way to ensure commitment in the relationship. An internet fraud also reported at known as Russian brides scam. Scammers trapped people in online romances and then ask for money to travel to meet them. Scammers trap people around the world and in some cases they kidnapped or [.]ed some people. So be very careful when you are using internet, risk always involve in it. Always consider these tips when you are participating in Internet communication. Never share your personal information like your home address or telephone number to people you meet on the net; never meet anyone without verifying those information’s which are given by that person.

In the first meeting with a cyber friend, try to meet in a public place, arrange your own transportation, bring a friend along for security and be confident, set your own terms and conditions for the encounter, and don’t let your new friend change them.

Like the rest of the world, the US is slowly becoming a nation of singles. Married-couple households have declined from 80 percent in the 50s to just 51 percent today. In 2000, for the first time, households with people living alone outnumbered households with couples and children, 26 percent to 24 percent. The latter figure is falling down sharply. As a result, the number of singles 18+ has surged to 86 million, a potential US online dating market of 100 million when you add divorcees.

An explosion of sites catering to every conceivable consumer interest is fueling growth. There are dating sites for tall people, pet owners, vegetarians, interracial; dating. Hot categories include date sites like Lemondate, and background-checking sites like

You might call it an anti-trend but a dramatic rise in online dating has had one notable result, a renewed appreciation for face-to-face encounters, dubbed “F2F” in chat groups. Offline events, ranging from dance, club and drunken parties have become big business for online dating companies.

Latest article on online dating provided by online dating services for the general awareness.

Like millions of Americans, Angela Myers decided to turn to the Internet to find that special someone

Like millions of Americans, Angela Myers decided to turn to the Internet to find that special someone
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Posted: 05/05/2006 04:01 pm
Last Updated: 05/05/2006 06:38 pm

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Mishawaka, IN - In the search for true love, the popularity of Internet dating is booming.

Unfortunately, this popular way to date is also becoming a breeding ground for scam artists as one Mishawaka woman found out.

Online daters beware
Being a busy Bethel College assistant professor doesn't leave a lot of time for finding love.

"I was just looking like everybody else does," said Professor Angela Myers.

Like millions, Angela turned to the Internet to find that special someone.

"I actually had broken up with my boyfriend in November and started looking for something to make me feel like I'm still out there, I'm available, I'm active in looking for dating and that kind of thing," explains Angela.

That's when Angela came across this online dating service called, Executive Christian Dating.

"They were very good about saying you're not doing this out of desperation, your not doing this out of some crazy need, you're doing this as a step in life, that you want to find somebody to live your life with and that's a good thing and its worth the money to put forth," said Angela.
That's when Angela came across this online dating service called, Executive Christian Dating
That's when Angela came across this online dating service called, Executive Christian Dating

Before she paid any money to become a member, Angela did her homework first.

"By using these seals, I looked up these Internet standards," says Angela.

She also called the company to get references from people who used the service.

"He said, 'well, because a lot of our clientele are very concerned about privacy, they didn't want their name to be used as a reference'. Ok. I guess that makes sense," Angela said.

Feeling confident this was a reputable dating service, Angela paid Executive Christian Dating just over $900 for a six-month membership to have a counselor match her interests with other clients.

"It was nice to sort of say, here's somebody who knows me and they're going to sort of do the filtering first," says Angela.

After that process started, Angela emailed her first match.

When she didn't get a response, Angela touched base with her counselor.

Angela says her counselor told her, "Well you need to remember that they may be out of town or something like that."

Feeling skeptical, Angela emailed her match in Goshen. She says, "His first response was that he had never heard of this Executive Christian Dating."

That was the same response from Angela's other profiles.
After days of no response from her possible matches, Angela received and email from her first match; However, she found out that the responder had never heard of Executive Christian Dating
After days of no response from her possible matches, Angela received and email from her first match; However, she found out that the responder had never heard of Executive Christian Dating

"Are you aware of this and he emailed back and said, 'no', he had been part of Yahoo Personals," explains Angela.

Not getting the matches she paid for, Angela says she felt scammed by Executive Christian Dating. "I'm just a person looking to find a guy to spend my life with and these people are taking advantage of people like me who just are out there trying to do the best we can," she says.

NewsCenter 16 discovered Executive Christian Dating is taking advantage of others too.

The Federal Trade Commission received 11 complaints this year.

"As far as we know, everybody who has sent money to these places have sent money, lost money and not gotten a date out of the deal," explains South Bend Fraud Investigator Dominic Zultanski. "A majority of them had dollar loss value complaints totaled up to over $11,500 dollars."

Zultanski looked into Angela's case and found several red flags.

"They were using an almost anonymous way of transaction of money. They were then using an anonymous way of corresponding with them by mail and the only phone number that came back to them was in Canada," explains Zultanski.

Executive Christian Dating also goes by other names based on people's preferences, including Executive Jewish Dating.

"There's no doubt in my mind there's many more victims then we even come close to knowing about," says Zultanski.
Angela paid over $900 for a service that The Federal Trade Commission received 11 complaints this year
Angela paid over $900 for the online dating service

Calls and emails NewsCenter 16 made to Executive Christian Dating were not returned.

"Classically if you take it down to bare bones, it's nothing more than fraudsters finding something people would jump at or want to get immediately. Throw some bit of emotion in there, this case being love and making it sexy then next thing they do is they're going after your pocket book," says Zultanski.

For Angela, it is a lesson in the hi-tech world of love she'd soon like to forget.

Online dating tips

Don't let our investigation discourage all of you singles out there looking for love. There are many legit online dating services to choose from.

However, NewsCenter 16 does have some advice to protect yourself in the world of Internet dating.

* Try not to pay too much money up front. Sign up for a couple of referrals, and if you're pleased, then pay for more.

* Choose a dating service that's been in business for a long time under the same owner.

* Find out if the dating service you're considering has had any complaints with the Better Business Bureau and your state's attorney general's office.

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Financial Dangers Of Online Dating

It's a leap of faith for some. When you meet a mate online all you have is trust.

"They prey on these people that are wanting relationships."

Paul Simms says it's happening to people right here in the Bluegrass. They're dating someone online that's not who they think.

"They think they're talking to a legitimate person."

But Simms says they're not. It's all a scam in the works.

Here's how it works, typically, a relationship will form online. It may go on for months, at least long enough for the victim to get hooked. That's when Simms says things get shady.

He says the person claiming to be overseas will come up with a story about why they don't have any money.

"There's no way for me to cash my checks in this foreign country so they ask the person, would it be okay for me to send these checks to you to be cashed," said Simms.

Of course, by then, Simms says the victim is in love.

"That person, if they're in this relationship, they want to help that person out, so what do they do? They take those checks, go to their local bank and start cashing those checks."

Simms says he's seen checks ranging anywhere from a $1,000 to $15,000. The problem is, the checks come back counterfiet, but not until after the victim has wired the cash to their mystery mate overseas.

"Once they cash that check they're vouching for that check and will be held accountable."

Here are some tips so you don't get caught in this on-line dating scam. Simms says never wire money until you know the check you cashed is legitimate. He says banks are well-versed in scams and would be glad to check 'your' check, or even hold the money until they get the check back from the issuing bank. Also, never wire cash to anyone unless you know that person.

Friday, March 24, 2006


If the door is shut i kiss . DO you leave your replys here

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Are all MEn that are online dating looking for sex. Post under comments

Personally I think that All men are dogs. J/K with my experiences i believe that all men online are not only porn bots but they are after sex and if they dont get it they act like dogs.

Friday, March 17, 2006

A Young LAdy posts: All men on dating services are all porn bots is it true

So far a lot of BS crap ass porn bots and things like that. Some very few are for real, the rest are porn bots. The again maybe I'm impatient and going there for the wrong reasons buaaahaha!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Do you think online dating is worth the time/money

Out of a poll of 40 . 30 people said that they believe that online dating isnt worth the time or the money. Whats your opinion . Do you believe the it is worth the time/money?

Adult friend finder Cupid match dot com etc.

So many dating network to choose from . Online it seems like a million in one shot that youll ever find a match

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SO in your opinion what DO you think About online dating.

Please feel free to leave your experiences on the comments section

David from SAN jose

I me 2 women on here and they werent that pretty. I was a nice experience getting out of the dorm and all but I would much rather see that person that Im going on a date with.

My Dating experiences

Craigslist is by far the best online dating service . it free and you can screen out those annoying people that your really dont want to talk to or start a relationship with